The Last of Us continues to advance in the development of its adaptation for the small screen. This week we have learned the name of a new actress who joins the cast: we talk about Nico Parker, who we could see in the movie Dumbo live image of 2019. Parker will be part of the production in the role of Sarah Miller, the 12-year-old daughter of Joel (Pedro Pascal). Along with her we also find Bella Ramsay playing Ellie; while Gabriel Luna is in charge of playing Joel’s brother, Tommy. In turn, Merle Dandridge reprise her role as Marlene de los Lucirnagas, whom she voiced in the video game.

The Last of Us keep finding its protagonists

The truth is Sarah Miller’s role is, as they say, short but intense. Joel’s little daughter is the first character we handle in The Last of Us, and it helps us to go through the house of which to be our protagonist. Together with Sarah, we have the opportunity to experience the first moments of cordyceps fungus outbreak, listening to the news and fleeing in search of a safer place.

This moment was vital for dial the tone that we were going to enjoy in the rest of the Naughty Dog adventure: tension, chaos, action, moments of relaxation … and script twists that were going to blow us away throughout this odyssey. After living these first moments, we will say goodbye to Sarah to advance 20 to the after that the pandemic would wipe out 60% of the population: that’s when Joel and Ellie will take over as main characters.

In the original story, Joel ends up being hired to escort Ellie outside a restrictive quarantine zone. The objective is to take the little girl to the Fireflies because, because she is immune to cordyceps infection, it is believed that she could be key to finding a vaccine. What starts out as a simple job, ends up becoming a journey through the United States in which the two must learn to trust each other to survive.

HBO’s production is captained by Craig Mazin (Chernbil) and by Neil Druckmann, the creator of the saga. Filming is scheduled to start this summer and end in the summer of 2022, in order to go through all the seasons of the year as happens in the title. While it consists of the adaptation of the story from the first game, we can expect additional details and changes to be included.

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