PlayStation announced today, and by surprise, that gamers of The Last of Us Parte II can upgrade their game to a give it next-gen improved for PS5. This is an update to the Naughty Dog game that ya is available on the next generation console completely free for everyone who owns the original PS4 base game.

The company today published a thriller in which, in addition to announcing this patch, he also showed how to improve The Last of Us Parte II on PS5: Once the patch 1.08, the second part of Naughty Dog’s play allow choose if we want to play at 30 fps or 60 fps, a new option that joins the new generation improvements already available in the game, such as its improved resolution or faster loading times, among other.

Naughty Dog talks about the possibilities of PS5

“The team has been investigating the hardware of PS5 and the possibilities it has unlocked since its launch last year, and we are excited about what the future holds. This patch is just the first step of our work on PS5. We will tell you more when we have more news to share, “Naughty Dog writes in an article posted on the official PlayStation blog.

Captura de The Last of Us 2.

This patch arrives just one month after the first anniversary of the launch of The Last of Us Parte II: This acclaimed title by Naughty Dog came exclusively to PS4 on June 19 of last year, at which time in Vandal we said in our analysis that “it is one of those games that move the medium forward, raising quality standards of what we should expect from a triple A, especially in the narrative plane, really impressive, which fits perfectly with an excellent playable proposal and an exceptional audiovisual section “.

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