The Last of Us 2 was considered by Metacritic users as the best game of 2020, and has won so many awards that it is impossible to count them on all the fingers of the writing of Vandal. But beyond its impact on gamers and the accolades the Naughty Dog title has received, Ellie’s tale of revenge through this post-apocalyptic open world has brought something more to the industry: a benchmark for diversity in the video game industry. This has been considered by the co-director of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Motomu Toriyama, giving his opinion on this survival adventure.

The Last of Us 2 sets the bar for diversity high

The Last of Us Part 2 Really met your consideration for diversity“says Toriyama in an interview with The Gamer. “Even in the user interface, and I imagine the cost of debugging that game is huge. However, having succeeded makes it a great game that sets a benchmark for the industry“.

In this sense, Toriyama maintains that they also wanted to polish Final Fantasy 7 Remake not only at the graphics level: but also trying to make the world they present feel as up-to-date as possible, embracing the multiple identities that exist in our society to adequately represent all the types of players that exist. Toriyama considers this to be an exercise that should be very important for all developers.

“The Last of Us 2 really lived up to its consideration for diversity”

“I think that Representing diversity with LGBTQ + inclusion is an important issue for everyone those involved in creating content, not just for people who create games, “explains Toriyama.” Final Fantasy 7 Remake We rebuilt the original game using the latest technology, but we feel you shouldn’t dwell on the technical and we needed to update the content of the story displayed according to modern sensibilities. “

The truth is that we only have to remember the part of The Bee Tavern to realize that Square Enix has tried to include this queer or LGTBQ + narrative in this title. It remains to be discovered if future sequels will also follow this line, but it seems that the Japanese study is clear where it is aiming in terms of representation and accessibility: in fact, they will continue to add more changes in future episodes compared to the originals. On the other hand, the version Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade,

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