The initial logo of the first PlayStation when playing a game is one of the most remembered screens – and melodies – created by Sony for their consoles. The characteristic image of “PS” always appears fixed and although it is possible to see certain edges in its curves, most players assume that it was an illustration; some players have shown no, It is a 3D modeled logo and with the specific tools -in this case Unreal Engine- it can be rotated to see its shape from new angles.

The first image when turning on the first PlayStation was the Sony Computer Entertainment logo and, in the case of using a disc from the console, the aforementioned PS screen would be shown – not when inserting a music CD or another type of disc- . Each generation has changed the sound and style of presentation -the start of PS2 reflects the content of the Memory Card-, with the latest consoles being a much shorter start and with the logo in its negative version.

A hidden feature of the first PlayStation was recently discovered

A few months ago it was found that Sony’s first console to enable recover deleted data from memory card. To activate this option never mentioned in official manuals, all the triggers (L1, L2, R1 and R2) have to be pressed at the same time three times in a row, and immediately afterwards the icon of our saved game will reappear in the file grid of the Memory Card, saving a progress that we may have deleted by mistake. The youtuber who revealed this curiosity assures that this does not work in PS2, neither with the Memory Cards of this console nor with those of the first PlayStation -or it is done by means of another press that has not been found-.

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