Last April, during a broadcast of Indie World whose summary in Spanish you can read here, it was announced that The House of the Dead: Remake will also come to Nintendo Switch, in addition to a PC where it has been announced since 2019. Today its managers, MegaPixel Studio and Forever Entertainment have spoken about the project in an interview published on the Fragments of Silicon Twitch channel, although its release date has not yet been revealed.

One of the highlights of this remake the thing is MegaPixel Studio’s intention is to make it run at 60 fps on Nintendo Switch, although it will be a framerate limited to TV mode. In laptop things change, since The House of the Dead: Remake it claims to run at 30 fps. Regardless of how we play, the resolution of this project will be kept at 720p, as explained by those responsible in the interview.

“It looks and works a lot better” than Panzer Dragoon Remake

MegaPixel Studio It is also the company that launched Panzer Dragoon: Remake, a review of the shooter On rales original that left a bittersweet taste to fans of the series when it was released last year on Nintendo Switch. Artur Gregoznyc, de Forever Entertainment, assures in the interview that the remake from The House of the Dead “looks and works much better” than that of Panzer Dragoon.

The truth is The House of the Dead: Remake nor just bring graphical and performance improvements, but also new features that will give an updated bonus to the original title: for example, a Hordes mode with “15 times more enemies”, plus unlockable characters, a redesigned interface, HD vibration with the JoyCon when shooting and new options for players to personalize their gaming experience.

For now, as we said before, no release date specified for The House of the Dead: Remake en Nintendo Switch ni PC. Nor has anything been said about The House of the Dead 2: Remake, project in which they are also working in order to publish it separately, as well as Panzer Dragoon II Two: Remake, whose launch has been confirmed for this year.

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