Playism has announced that The Good Life will be released later this year in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y PC a travs de Steam, which implies two important things. On the one hand, this amounts to the game is delayed, as it had its launch initially planned for this summer, while on the other hand it also confirms that there has been a change of editor, since Playism is now in charge of him and not The Irregular Corporation. Additionally, we already know that its price will be 29,99 dlares, although it has not been commented how much it will be in euros.

A great mystery to solve

Taking advantage of this announcement, Playism has distributed a new trailer of this new adventure of SWERY, the creator of cult games like Deadly Premonition. The video is in full Japanese, but allow us to take a good look at countless sequences taken directly from its gameplay and see how it looks graphically and artistically.

On The Good Life we will put ourselves in the shoes of the journalist Naomi Hayward, who desperately needs to pay off his debts, so he takes a newspaper job The Morning Bell consisting of discovering the mystery that is hidden Rainy Woods, a small town in England that is said to be “the happiest place in the world”.

A capture of the gameplay of The Good Life when we became a cat.

Arriving, we will soon discover that, for some inexplicable reason, its inhabitants turn into cats and dogs at nightfall, although to make things even more complicated we will also have to discover the truth behind a terrible murder.

Fortunately, Naomi will also be affected by the town and we can transform into a cat and a bitch, which will give us a series of special abilities that will be very useful in our investigations.

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