The Gardens Between, the independent game of 2018 with puzzles that play over time – the user can advance and rewind the scene so that their characters can solve each scenario – becomes a non-expendable token or NFT product. The developer The Voxel Agents has confirmed that it can be purchased at Pavillion Hub, a store with blockchain technology that guarantees a game license in a similar way as it would work with a physical game– With the ability to resell the game, content, or your achievements. The decision however has not been well received by the community, just like it happened when Sega announced the sale of NFT.

The problem has arisen from the bad reputation that NFTs have for the environmental damage wielded by their detractors, since they consume a very high amount of energy. The Voxel Agents is aware of the criticism and It has not taken long to ensure that Pavillion Hub is less aggressive than other technologies and that it is not a strategy to earn money quickly: “You can share it with a friend or sell it later. They are more consumer-friendly conditions than other platforms.”

The Gardens Between It had a stone’s throw away from becoming a modern classic of the genre, and not for nothing its playable base has similarities with some of the levels of Braid. The mixture of endearing characters, the nostalgic story that tells us with only a few scenes, the intelligence of the puzzles or the good audiovisual taste will hardly disappoint anyone who tries it, and we recommend it without fear of being wrong “, we said in the analysis. “A pity that the content is not greater or that we miss one more point of difficulty. It is true that sometimes lengthening an experience can be counterproductive, but in this case we would not have cared about a greater amount of tests or incentives to replay the phases. In any case, a pleasant surprise that certainly deserves the attention of puzzle addicts. “

Players oppose

Why choose a version with a “minor impact” instead of a version from another store or even without DRM? Players were very critical of the studio’s decision and the platform chosen, and some claim that they will delete your purchase from Steam.

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