Vin Diesel is everywhere! Having starred in a considerable amount of memes related to Dominic Toretto’s obsession with family in movies of all kinds, the actor is back in the world of video games. This new wave of memes is directly related to the recent success from Fast & Furious 9, which has swept the international box office with more than 500 million dollars and has managed to position the saga as one of the most successful in history.

Diesel sneaks into Final Fantasy, Oblivion and other titles

Dominic Toretto seems to have discovered a way to sneak into several video game worlds, among which is that of the pampered fantasy saga par excellence from Square Enix. Toretto appears posing with a weapon in the world of Final Fantasy, although there is something that does not fit … So strange clothes that you saw considering that you are in a paradise that has little or nothing to do with our world? The character played by Vin Diesel has also dropped into the world of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and he has once again shown his total disregard for what other characters have to tell him.

The power of the family in Dominic Toretto is such that the character is capable of defeating a singularity, a feat only available to real heroes. Do you remember the peculiar family that proposed a series of battles in Pokémon Rub, Sapphire and Emerald? You will be shocked to know which new member has joined at the last moment. Yes, Dominic Toretto appears sitting at one end of the table with his arms crossed and waiting to fight us with the power of the family, of course. The character has managed to sneak into other very popular titles such as Hades or Genshin Impact, however, what are the memes that have caught your attention the most?

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