Bethesda present The Elder Scrolls VI Y Starfield in his E3 2018 conference as a complete declaration of intent: both are large projects that serve as a spearhead in the company’s strategy, although the space role-playing game will be published earlier (on November 11, 2022, it will reach both Spain like the rest of the world) than the fantastic role-playing game. In fact, The Elder Scrolls VI for practical purposes, and according to Todd Howard, Executive Producer, Bethesda Game Studios, it is as if it were still in the design phase.

Howard has given an interview to The Telegraph in which he talks about the production process of both titles, which appear to be closely related: “The vast majority of our development work focuses on Starfield right now, but everyone works on everything so the projects are somewhat intertwined. “The producer refers, above all, to the fact that the new engine they are designing will serve as the basis for both:” Creation Engine 2 it’s more or less being built for both games, it’s like a new technical base, “he explains.

The Elder Scrolls VI is still in the design phase, for practical purposes

Said that, at what point is the development of The Elder Scrolls VI? Todd Howard has not wanted to feed the expectations of the fans and, although he has affirmed that they are already working on the technical aspects of the new installment, he wanted to make it clear that the game is still in an early phase of its development: “It’s good to think about The Elder Scrolls VI as if it were still in the design phase, but we are already testing the technology: will it be able to handle all the things we want to do in this game? “

That is, all the advances in technology that they achieve with Starfield could also be applicable to The Elder Scrolls VI, although this installment will have its own characteristics in this sense: “All games will have technological innovations, so The Elder Scrolls VI you will have all the additions you require in the Creation Engine 2“At the end of the day, Bethesda is not just working on two video games, but laying the foundation for its future development process.

While of Starfield we already know its release date (November 11 on Xbox Series X / S and PC), from The Elder Scrolls VI It is difficult to imagine when it will come out: yes we could establish a wide range and expect it between 2024 and 2026, and perhaps without exclusivity for Xbox consoles.

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