Blue Box Studios and its game Abandoned they have become one of the soap operas in recent weeks. Fans want to see in this survival game a new Silent Hill And, due to the strange promotion campaign – where the study itself has encouraged speculation, as we tell you in our article – it is also believed that Hideo Kojima would be behind it. The creator of Metal Gear I used dummy studios to present the demo P.T. that revealed Silent Hills and previously Moby Dick Studio was the supposed developer of The Phantom Pain which turns out to be Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. However, after hints and strange comments on social media, Blue Box Studios reiterates that it has nothing to do with Hideo Kojima or the Konami license.

The last action of the studio has been to show a short video starring Hasan Kahraman, the director of Abandoned, to show that he is “a real person” and not a fictional character. “I am not associated with Kojima, I am not an actor, I do not work in Silent Hill“he says in the recording.

Reactions have been mixed. The video has not convinced many players who still trust that it is a montage, especially since it seems that Kojima Productions has interacted on Twitter with a “like”. Other players remember the figure of Joakim Mogren, the supposed head of Moby Dick Studio, who also appeared in a video interview – with his entire head covered by a bandage.

There are also players who lament a confusion that has lasted too long

And Abandoned It’s really nothing more than an independent survival game in a forest, many players will be disappointed. This is what some comments point out that they believe that “the joke” should have been clarified much earlier. “I really feel bad for this company, for all those people who had hopes investigating every minute detail, and now they will refuse to buy this game because it is not a Silent Hill or something related to Kojima. Too bad, “says a comment.” No, if this really has nothing to do with Konami / Kojima /SH they did nothing to stop the snowball in time, “says another person who blames Blue Box Studios for playing with speculation and taking advantage of real fans of Silent Hill. “They have caused this. You do not say that the name of your game begins with S and ends with an L and without expecting a confusion like this to mount”, sentences another answer.

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