The Japan Foundation in Madrid organize a cycle of online conferences about the video game in the Asian country. This event is titled ‘Gmu, perspectives of the Japanese video game’ and start Tomorrow, April 28, at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) with a first session in which Vctor Navarro Remesal, Doctor in Communication specialized in game studies, talk about “36 ideas about the Japanese video game, from its connection with the toy to its own sub-genres, from its representation of local traditions to its link with foreign influences “, explain those responsible in the press release.

Anyone who wishes to attend this series of conferences, including the first one to be held tomorrow, can do so. completely free of charge via Zoom. Yes, before participating you will have to register for the seminar through this link. The conferences of Gmu, perspectives of the Japanese video game will take place monthly, at least until summer, and in each of them they will treat issues related to gmu, the Japanese word for ‘video game’.

Exploring the channels of the Japanese video game

Throughout these sessions, your speakers will try to “exploring the Japanese video game as a cultural phenomenon” both through its local and international implications, analyzing its identity traits, its impact on the environment and the industry, as well as on other media, its sub-genres and its history. The cycle of conferences is aimed at an audience previously familiar with video games and Japanese culture, since its main objective is “to look again at what we take for granted and it seems obvious to us.

In this first session, titled ’36 views of the Japanese video game ‘, Vctor Navarro Remesal make a general contact with this objective, flying over several ideas of the Japanese video game: “The Japanese video game is a complex and multiple cultural object that cannot be summarized in a fixed idea, and we won’t try to do that. Instead, we will venture into 36 possible paths, in the hope that the assistant can continue investigating and pass (in another guide to Hokusai), from these 36 views to at least another hundred more “, can be read in the press release.

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