After having launched Metro Exodus last 2019 in Spain and around the world, and to point out that the next installment of the saga will have multiplayer, from 4A Games they begin to reveal more details of what they are up to. The development studio confirmed more than two years ago that he was working on a new IP, and now the new job offers have provided more information regarding this project. We are talking about a title that will also be framed in the genre of first person shooter games.

4A Games: Your Next Project

The Senior Designer, Senior Game System Designer, Senior Technical Artist, Environment Concept Artist, and Creature Concept Artist positions specifically mention that they are openings that will be dedicated to a new IP. Among the information that we can find in the description of these positions, we discover the mention by “first person shooter games”; while the game systems designer also requires to have had experience in first or third person action games.

In turn, the senior designer post mentions that the game will be developed with the internal engine patented by 4A Games, which is not a surprise. On the other hand, in the position of senior technical artist, it is noted that with this new IP the developer seeks create “the most dynamic environments ever seen” in the video game world. The fact that they are even looking for a specific artist to design the creatures also makes us think that they seek to breathe life into this space.

A new shooter game with dynamic environments never made

In regards to the saga Metro, the studio is working on a new sequel: be available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC; in addition, to have the collaboration of the author of the novels on which this franchise is based, Dimitry Glukhovsky. Recently players were able to enjoy the launch of Exodus on the next-generation consoles, where it offered new graphics and performance enhancements; while it also went on sale last June Metro Exodus: Complete Edition: here you can see its comparison on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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