Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful and popular titles of all time, occupying the position as the second best-selling video game in history, only behind Minecraft. The Rockstar video game, which invites us to do all kinds of crazy things alone or with others, continues unstoppable even to this day and there are not a few users who entertain themselves by making all kinds of incredible modifications to their PC version. The mod de Godzilla that we bring you below was in the development phase at the end of last month, and today we are pleased to inform you that it is already available in a new trial version and can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Kong also joins the kaiju party in GTA V

The new mod for GTA V, created by the well-known mud Julionib, allows players to play the most famous kaiju in Japanese entertainment culture. Besides being able to handle the immense creature, the mud has allowed the ability to use some of your greatest powersHow are the blue colored atomic breath so characteristic or the nuclear explosion emitting a shock wave dyed a dazzling orange. However, this is not the only addition that this mod brings with it; King Kong, another of the most famous kaiju par excellence, has also been very faithfully recreated for the occasion. As with Godzilla, Kong has his own abilities, among which are the being able to climb buildings and launch cars and everything that comes our way to raze the fictional city of Los Santos, inspired by Los Angeles.

Godzilla y King Kong met relatively recently in the crossover of Warner Bros Monsterverse, which had an undeniable success on streaming platforms and cinemas, although it has recently been surpassed by the unbeatable Fast & Furious 9. You can download the mod to be able to play with Godzilla and Kong through the Dark Side of Gaming portal, which reports that the final version is coming soon to fix some minor flaws. This new mod is just one of many that have come for Rockstar’s most successful video gameAppetizing additions to extend the life of the game as users eagerly await news about Grand Theft Auto VI.

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