The Coalition, studio responsible for the saga Gears of War Since the fourth major installment, he’s already working on a new title for Xbox Series X / S. This is something that we already knew since last March, actually, but now new rumors suggest that this new game was indeed about Gears 6, a main delivery that would be oriented to get the most out of the new generation of consoles.

At least that ensures Jeff Grubb, a contributor to Venture Beat, in a video recently posted to his YouTube channel. In it he explains that The Coalition is carrying out several projects, both its own and supportive: one of the most notable pieces of information is that this team is helping to develop Halo Infinite, according to Grubb, title that Launching on Xbox Series X / S in Fall 2021.

New Gears and new IP, perhaps related to Star Wars

In addition to in Halo Infinite, The Coalition is also working on a new installment of Gears of War what will be Gears 6, as can be gleaned from the words of Jeff Grubb, although does not mention it explicitly. In a recent job posting, the studio spoke of “redefining the Gears experience through the application of modern technologies related to cloud services” and was looking for new talent to “create awesome games of Gears of War.

Another rumor that Jeff Grubb has made public is that The Coalition may be working on a new IP, a new franchise unknown at the moment but that will be the third major project of the studio. Grubb also says that this new IP could be related to Star Wars, a saga of which he has assured that today we will have news, but that he has not been able to confirm those gossip so he would not be sure of that information.

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