Unreal Engine 5 wow locals and strangers when it was shown in May last year with the playable technical demo Lumen in the Land of Nanite, which at the same time helped us to see for the first time what PlayStation 5 will be capable of in the future. A new demo, this time running on Xbox Series X and PS5, was shown this May. Next July 20 we will see another demonstration of the evolution of the Unreal Engine, the most used graphics engine in blockbusters, from the hand of The Coalition, those responsible for Gears of War, who have advanced their demo with an image.

The technical demonstration, called Alpha Point, be executed in Xbox Series X, as the description at the bottom of the image shows. In it we see a prism with a metallic surface (in which light rays strike realistically) floating in the center of several stone columns within a cavern. A hole in the ceiling lets in the sun from outside, reliably illuminating the cave walls, whose textures are equally realistic.

The objective of the demo will be, again, to show the two great novelties of Unreal Engine 5. On the one hand, Nanite, which allows you to use models with millions and even billions of polygons in video games, even the same assets that are used in film productions. On the other hand, Lumen, a lighting technique that renders infinite reflections from light beams on scales of miles and millimeters.

Epic show more details of MetaHuman at GDC

The presentation of Unreal Engine 5 at the Game Developers Conference 2021 will have, in addition to this technical demo from The Coalition, a section that will give more details of MetaHuman, the accessible photorealistic character creation tool that Epic Games introduced in February; and another part dedicated to “future of cross-platform play”.

The Coalition announced in May that they had just adopted the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine after working with the previous version in Gears of War 4, Gears 5 Y Gears Tactics. They said they work on “multiple new projects” that still have a long time in the oven.

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