The Coalition he seems to be up to something new in his offices. A detail that the study in charge of the saga Gears of War have already dropped on previous occasions, when they indicated that they were making the jump to Unreal Engine 5 to work on “multiple projects”. It seems that one of those plans will be directly a new IP that it will have nothing to do with Gears. After working on Gears Tactics Y Gears 5Is the studio taking a break from this franchise? It seems that Gears 6 It’s on, too, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the next game we see from the studio.

The Coalition prepares something new in its offices

Since Windows Central echo the profile of LinkedIn by Pedro Camacho D’Andrea, Level Designer for The Coalition. You have recently updated your details to add that is working on the levels of a new IP. This “IP” stands for “Intellectual Property” and generally refers to a new series or video game that has nothing to do with existing ones. In this sense, Gears 6 It will not be “a new IP”, but an IP that already exists.

In this sense, if the information that D’Andrea has shared in his profile is correct, Everything seems to indicate that The Coalition will be working on something completely new. The studio has recently been working on the technical demo ‘Alpha Point’ of Unreal Engine 5, which will be shown tomorrow for the Game Developers Conference (and of which we already know a preview image), executed on Xbox Series X.

A Coalition developer notes that he is working on the levels of a new IP

The Coalition began its journey in the video game sector under the name of Black Tusk, and they ended up taking the reins of the saga Gears after Microsoft acquired it from Epic Games. Since changing its name to The Coalition, the studio has worked on Gears of War 4 and in those mentioned Gears 5 Y Gears Tactics, earning the applause of the critics. This has led the community to start wondering What else could a studio like The Coalition offer?, if they took a moment away from the saga Gears. It seems we won’t take long to find out.

Last May they announced the jump to the Unreal Engine 5 engine in order to work on various projects. However, precisely due to the engine change, they warned that they will not announce games for a while. However, we still have to enjoy that alpha in UE5 that will be presented tomorrow at the GDC. You can know more details about it in our article.

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