The Coalition, the current developer of the series Gears of War, participate this in the event GDC -Game Developers Conference- con a technical demo on Unreal Engine 5, the new technology from Epic Games. Alpha Point will work on Xbox Series X and as usual in this type of demonstration, it will show some of the characteristics of its new tools, including Nanite with unprecedented graphic detail, Lumen global dynamic lighting and other improvements in animation, audio and creating large maps. The presentation takes place on July 20 and will be available to members with All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Pass, Audio Pass and Independent Games Summit Pass.

It should be noted that GDC is not a fair dedicated to the consumer but oriented to developers and therefore most of these talks are rather technical, not dedicated to announcing new releases. However, Jeff Grubb has commented that Alpha Point It is a prototype of a “small” game that The Coalition is working on. before your next Gears of War: “Not to be [una simple] demo, it is a small project that Microsoft hopes for 2023, although it could arrive before, and not take years and years “says Grubb in a conversation about the new of the study. The journalist does not give any clue of the game and in fact it is possible that still It is not entirely defined, as it ensures that it is serving to experience what can be done with Unreal Engine 5 at the graphical level, with mechanics, etc. “I hope for a couple of years” he concludes.

The Coalition confirm “varios proyectos”

The studio itself had already dropped that its most immediate game would not be Gears 6 but something different. “As we look to the future of gaming, we are excited to begin shifting our resources to next-generation development using Unreal Engine 5. The move to a new engine is a huge challenge.” said The Coalition a few months ago, “so we want to make it clear that we will not announce any new projects or titles for some time.”

Unreal Engine 5 was introduced last year and recently launched in early access so developers can start testing its capabilities as soon as possible. Epic also announced that all projects made with Unreal Engine 4 can be easily upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 so developers will not have to worry about the compatibility of their projects with the new engine.

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