Yesterday it reached Spanish stores and all over the world Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in order to PS4, Xbox One y PC, a collection with the three titles of the BioWare science fiction saga that in addition to compiling the original trilogue also performs a deep graphic, technical and playable revision to give it a modernized look.

On the occasion of this long-awaited premiere, in Vandal we have wanted remember more than 25 years of BioWare, a developer who started her career in the video game industry with Shattered Steel, a mecha simulator published in 1996 for computers. Throughout this quarter of a century, the studio – now part of Electronic Arts – has been perfecting a formula that, albeit with ups and downs, has earned him the favor of both the public and the critics.

And precisely using the criticism ratings we want to review the catalog of this famous firm. Going to Metacritic we can see which are the best and worst rated games by the specialized press; below you can see the top five BioWare titles, always choosing the platform on which the most critics received and ordered from highest to lowest average:

It should be noted, yes, that the Fifth place is highly contested: there is a technical tie Come in Baldur’s Gate, which appears in the ranking for being the oldest of all, and three other titles, specifically Neverwinter Nights (2002, PC), Mass Effect (2007, Xbox 360) and the newly released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (2021, Xbox One). All of these games have an average score of 91 en Metacritic.

The five worst-rated BioWare games

At the other end of the table, below you can see Top 5 Critics-Rated BioWare Games, also taking into account the platform with the most scores, although this time ordered from lowest note to highest note:

Among the five best valued and the five worst valued they remain some titles that have not been badly received by critics either, What Dragon Age Origins (2009, Xbox 360) with an average score of 86, Dragon Age Inquisition (2014, PC) with a score of 85 and MDK 2 (2000, PC) that has a mean score of 83.

What is clear is that the latest release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition a niche has been made among the best BioWare projects, something that we already advanced in our analysis saying that “it is an example of how to do a good remastering” and concluding that it is “an essential product which offers us one of the best trilogas in the history of videogames in a luxury packaging “.

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