The pop-rock group Imagine Dragons has released its retro game for browsers, inspired by the 8-bit era. This title allows you to play with one of the four members of the band through a “mystical land” collecting crystals and fighting with, logically, dragons. The music could not be other than Follow You, the new single from Imagine Dragons. Dan Reynolds and the rest of the group members have also shown a video sepeedrun

  • Imagine Dragons game.
  • The game itself it is not very different from others endless runner, with our protagonist running automatically through some platform scenarios where ravines appear and some kind of obstacle that we must jump. At the end of each phase a dragon awaits us, and when we overcome it -by clicking on the mouse or with the space bar-, we advance to the next level with a new graphic setting. At the end we can write our name on the scoreboard with the score achieved.

    This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Imagine Dragons in a video game. Last year they were released Fuser, which included songs from this band, Billie Eilish, The Clash and more. They also appeared among the bands of NBA 2K17 and very especially in Beat Saber, which added no less than ten songs – and a new environment designed exclusively for the pack – with which to practice our skill with this musical rhythm title for virtual reality.

    The new tracks of the fifth album of Imagine Dragons

    Follow You Y Cutthroat They are the group’s last two songs, released this year, and it is Imagine Dragons’ first work since the 2018 album Origins.His fifth studio album has no release date yet.

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