The Ascent is one of the most anticipated releases for the Xbox and PC community. Described as a futuristic RPG shooter, we are facing an isometric adventure that immerses us in a world cyberpunk. The game, developed by Neon Giant and Curve Digital, will be available in Spain and around the world this coming July 29 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, accompanied by its debut on Xbox Game Pass from day one. With a campaign that lasts between 12-15 hours, this week we have been able to take an in-depth look at its combat mechanics, and the scenarios that we will find in this proposal, thanks to a new gameplay.

The Ascent invites us to know his world

The video that we have left you on these lines has been shared on the official Xbox YouTube channel, and allows us to immerse ourselves in depth in almost 15 minutes of gameplay. Thanks to this footage, we can take a look at the futuristic world that will open before us with this project, while we can take note of how the fighting will work and its matchmaking system– A feature whose purpose is to keep players always alert to danger.

But what does this proposal consist of? Players will start the adventure just when The huge company that has under its control both the city and its inhabitants closes. From this moment on, an odyssey will develop with a great narrative component, which will include elements from other genres: such as the RPG-like customization of our character. In addition to the main story, we can divert to Side missions and loot hunt, thus enhancing exploration.

We have to immerse ourselves in a cyberpunk city on the verge of collapse

The developer team, made up of veterans who have worked on sagas such as Far Cry O Wolfenstein, has wanted to make clear in previous statements that The Ascent is a game for all types of users: “Whether you are someone who enjoys exploring every corner, who loves exciting combat, or if you are drawn to the story and plot context, we have tried to put something for everyone in The AscentAlso, offer a cooperative mode for four players.

“Neon Giant to launch its premium pear on PC and Xbox consoles this year: a gigantic cyberpunk city, unbridled cooperative action and a very particular aesthetic are their identity signs “, we wrote in our impressions of the title. We remind you that it will be available on July 29 on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, also reaching the Xbox Game Pass catalog for both console and computer from day one. The title can be pre-ordered on the Microsoft Store and on Steam for 29.99.

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