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The Anacrusis is the new title of the developer Stray Bombay and will launch in the fall to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y PC. It is a video game of cooperative first person shooter with up to four players in which we must make our way into a huge spaceship stranded on the edge of explored space. With the help of our peers, dWe’ll face hordes of alien creatures while unlocking perks, weapons, and new ways to play.

The Anacrusis have a difficulty system that adapts to the player and its playability have many possibilities

The title has a long description and a list of key features that we can find on its Steam page. In broad strokes, the list describes that The Anacrusis have a AI controller You manage all aspects of the game. In this way, AI controller spawns all enemies, directs each boss, and places each weapon, gadget, and health kit, the ones that the difficulty is adapted to the player’s abilities to have the perfect level of challenge.

The main enemies are aliens to which we can tear apart a varied and generous arsenal of classic sci-fi weapons. There will be some types of special grenades that they will allow us create a shield to protect ourselves or also others that will allow us to heal our allies if we throw them at them. The game count on the so-called matter compilers, which will be scattered around the stage and will contain dozens of advantages that will change the way we play. For example, we can boost our last resort pistol or improve the defense of our shield.

The Anacrusis

Regarding the universe in which it develops The Anacrusis, we know that be set in a distant future in which powerful corporations have brought humanity to the ends of the galaxy. After an uncontrolled expansion by tens of thousands of systems without forms and intelligent life, humanity discovers a new alien race that will have to be eliminated by the four main characters. The four survivors are named after Nessa, Guion, Liu and Lance and we will have to advance in the adventure to unravel the mysteries of the alien invasion.

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