It seems like a lifetime has passed since the release of Final Fantasy XIII, but is that actually the penultimate numbered installment of the saga Final Fantasy It was originally published more than ten years ago. Back then its graphics surprised us all, especially in the case of a video game designed for PS3 and Xbox 360, but now, thanks to some mods para PC Posted by GreenThumb2, we can see what the JRPG would look like if it were released today on current platforms.

Below these lines you can see, for example, what the kinematics from Final Fantasy XIII if they worked out 1080p instead of the original 720p, something possible to achieve with the mod Final Fantasy XIII HD Full Motion Videos (Available in both English and Japanese, and obviously not in Spanish because the original does not have voices in our language).

Mod that improves the quality of the cinem

Resolution up to 4K, more detailed models and other graphic enhancements

It is mud He has been working on improving the graphics of Final Fantasy XIII for some time, also helping to solve those famous technical problems that the computer version had, and the truth is that the end result is impressive: on its Nexus Mods page you can see some of the projects that GreenThumb2 has completed throughout this time, mods like The Final Fantasy XIII HD Project that improve the quality of the textures, the resolution of the game to reach 4K and many other additions that give this title a fresh look without modifying its original creative vision.

Another spectacular and interesting mod is HD Models Plus, which changes the modeling of the main characters (Lightning, Fang, Snow, Sazh, Hope and Vanille) for the one they have in the kinematics; it is common for video games to use a higher quality 3D model in cutscenes and another, less detailed, during the gameplay, but thanks to this mod we can play with the design with a greater number of polygons, which will result in an appearance with a much higher level of detail. That is, as long as our PC is capable of executing it. You can see a comparison below:

FFXIII Lighting modeling improved with mods on PC.

“An outstanding game”

Whether with or without mods, it is always advisable to play Final Fantasy XIII, a game that, as we say in our review, is outstanding: “It offers a lot of combat time and constant improvement of skills, challenges such as defeating those enemies of extraordinary vitality, a great story, incomparable landscapes and extremely high graphic values and sound. And all with the security of being in front of the console for dozens of hours lost in a new universe as we have rarely been able to enjoy “.

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