In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura has unveiled new information about upcoming games related to Final Fantasy VII Remake to be released soon. On the one hand the June 10th the improved version of the original will be put on sale for PS5, which under the name Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade bring with you a new episode in DLC format of which more details have been given in the interview. Furthermore, Nomura has also talked about Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier Y Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, the two mobile games inspired by the remake.

On the one hand is Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier, the battle royale free to reach mobile devices in the future. Of this project Nomura has said that is being developed to appeal to other audiences who are not usually related to the saga, something for which they have decided on this popular genre. They hope it will serve as a gateway to the rest of the games of Final Fantasy VII Series, a nomenclature that serves as an umbrella for all these new projects.

It is battle royale will have a style system With which each player will be able to define their own way of playing as they use certain skills, although detailed information about it will be released later. A closed beta of the game is expected to be published soon. that serves as a test and helps to polish the playable details. There will also be more information on this in the future.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis be free but will have porridge for weapons

On the other hand, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis it’s a kind of remake Episodic for mobiles that not only include the plot of the original game, but also count the story arcs of all the products that were released around it. Nomura has advanced today that the chapters can be played for free but will have micropayments in the form of porridge for weapons.

Total the story will be divided into 10 chapters, being the third in which we play the huda of Midgar. One of those chapters tell the story of Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier, the battle royale of which we spoke to you before. Yes, this game not only focus on the story but also have free matches to be able to develop our group of characters and level up with them. In addition feature music inspired by the original game.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis It is not proposed as a substitute for the rest of the games inspired by this installment, but as a way of compiling everything that happens around the history of Cloud and the others, according to Nomura, an intention that we will continue to hear about not only this year. , but plan to extend it to several years in the future.

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