In a year 2018 with games of the caliber of Red Red Redemption 2 Y God of War There was a title that was found, to the surprise of many, in the lists of the best games of the year: Tetris Effect. The musical puzzle developed by Enhance under the baton of Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Lumines, Rez) had at the end of last year an improved version with online multiplayer modes, Tetris Effect: Connected which accompanied the launch of Xbox Series X / S exclusively (also released on Xbox One and the Microsoft PC Store).

The next august 18th all the news of that version will arrive as free update to the rest of the platforms on which it is available Tetris Effect: PlayStation 4, Epic Games Store and Oculus Quest. Also, that same day launch on Steam, where will be released with a 25% discount (that is, 30) and with various extras:

  • A collection of seven songs from the Hydelic soundtrack, including the fan favorite ‘Connected (Yours Forever)’; which until now was only available to those who pre-ordered the game on PS4 and EGS.
  • 11 4K desktop wallpapers inspired by Tetris Effect.
  • Seven profile avatars of Tetris Effect.
Tetris Effect connected Steam

Crossplay and improvements in Oculus Quest 2

The update comes with several important new features, including the cross game between all platforms, which can be deactivated to taste. Players from another console or device can be invited sharing a four-digit code; the option to hide the saga code is added to avoid showing it in the streamings.

In games with friends a spectator mode which can be joined by four to six additional players depending on the mode. In those same items, the modo PAL Speed, which replicates the speed of the European version of the Tetris of NES (minor framerate, faster horizontal movement and greater decay of tetrominos in the last levels); and the Slow Speed, an opposite of Hyper Fast mode: tetrominos take longer to appear, lines take longer to clear, and horizontal movement is slower.

Tetris Effect updates

The ranked games They will be played in cross play to increase the player base and provide users of all skill levels. The skill rating I will reboot in all versions to recalibrate the matchmaking, but the current SR will be immortalized on the game’s website.

Likewise, the players of Oculus Quest 2 They will have two graphics modes: performance and fidelity. For their part, PS4 users will be able to play through Remote Play.

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