Tesla is an American company that is responsible for the design and production of electric cars and whose maximum responsibility is Elon Musk. Some electric vehicles of Tesla may have support to play video games. Although it sounds impossible, this option would be available in the Tesla Model X y S.

Tesla Model X and S will be able to run games thanks to AMD technology

Throughout last Monday the annual trade fair of Computex. In it, the executive director of AMD, Lisa Su, gave the opening speech of the conference and detailed the next news regarding the company: “It is possible that you will be surprised to know the next place where you can find grficos RDNA2. It’s actually on the road, in the electric vehicle market with the new Tesla Model S y Model X. Lisa Su further pointed out that these two vehicle models will reach the 10 teraflops of computing power.

To the words contributed by Lisa Su, Elon Musk he also wanted to add some information. Through a tweet posted on his personal account, Musk claimed that the Tesla Model S y X have computing power for entertainment at the level of a PS5. Not only that, but in a January tweet he stated that in the Model S you can play Cyberpunk 2077, a high-end video game. Although the statements come from the main leader of Tesla, perhaps they should not be taken at face value, since Elon Musk he tends to constantly joke around on his personal profile.

However, the statements of AMD s can be taken as certain posts were held during an official conference. Lisa Su has a good reputation for being a responsible spokesperson and carefully measuring his words. Taking into account the specifications I noted AMD during his lecture, in case some large caliber games were ported to the Tesla Model X y S, What Cyberpunk 2077, these could be perfectly executed without problems.

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