In the West we have missed a good handful of games that never made it out of Japan, but probably one of the most painful is Mother 3, an acclaimed JRPG for GBA that this year has celebrated its 15th anniversary and that Nintendo is refusing to officially relaunch despite constant demands from fans. In fact, to this day it is the only installment of the saga that has not been released in our lands, which contrasts with, for example, the popularity of its protagonist Lucas due to his inclusion in the roster of Super Smash Bros.

The request of Terry Crews and the fans

Recently, Reggie Fils-Aim, the former president of Nintendo of America, I joked with fans via Twitter implying that there really is an official English-translated copy of the game that was never released (as rumors have always indicated), although now it is the popular American actor Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) who wanted to join the class action lawsuit of fans for Nintendo to finally launch Mother 3 beyond the Japanese borders.

Terry Crews has never hidden his passion for video games and now has expressed his desire to play this cult work with a short and concise message on Twitter: “Translate Mother 3!”. Unfortunately, Nintendo still does not say anything about it and the latest rumors indicate that its translation was eventually canceled due to some aspects of the game that could be considered somewhat controversial.

A cult saga

The saga Mother offers us a series of peculiar and extravagant JRPGs that many consider cult due to the atypicality that they result both in their development and because of the story they tell us. The most popular installment in the series is Earthbound (its second part), one of the most acclaimed and special games in the entire Super Nintendo catalog.

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