Terraria is that game that a May 16, 2011 dazzled lovers of sandbox games, also lovers of survival adventures and open world. Developed by the studio Re-Logic, the title began debuting for computers, and today it is already available on consoles, mobiles and, more recently, Nintendo Switch. With more than 35 million copies sold, Terraria celebrates its tenth anniversary this May.

Terraria turns 10 with more content to come

TerrariaFollowing a trail of success similar to Minecraft, it became a global phenomenon. After your last update, Journey’s End, the game went on to become the third most played game on the Steam platform … nine years after its original debut. Labeled as one of the biggest indie hits in history, the game came from the hand of Andrew Spinks, who was in charge of designing and programming the game.

But he was not alone: ​​the team also featured Find Brice, who along with Spinks was in charge of the graphic design of the game, and Jeremy Guerrette, a production assistant at Re-Logic who left shortly after the title’s completion. With them was Scott Lloyd Shelly, to whom we owe the music of the game. Such was the proposal that created this development study that, together with Minecraft, Terraria has come to influence such acclaimed games as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Terraria, an indie giant

After debuting on PC on May 16, 2011, in the month of December of that same year I received version 1.1: the studio added new monsters, bosses, NPCs and many other features, also adding improvements to the generation of the world and the lighting. It seemed that the story of Terraria would come to an end here, after the developers announced in February 2012 that they would not continue active development of the game.

However, everything changed when in 2013, Spinks contacted the gaming community for ideas that they could include in future updates of Terraria. That, finally, allowed the game to enjoy a rebirth that it continues to enjoy today. Your most popular platform? Having reached 35 million copies sold, we found that 17.2 million of those copies correspond to PC sales.

What Terraria?

Players are discovered in a randomly generated world, where will they have to survive using his wits. By means of the manufacture of objects, we will have to build our base and the tools that will allow us to discover all the secrets that the stage hides. Finding minerals, cutting wood and killing enemies that cross our path are some of the actions we carry out, as we expand our base and we make room for new characters who come seeking refuge. “One of the biggest indie hits of late”, we write in our analysis.

Upcoming news

“We made the usual number of updates to close 2020 and we want to share that once again, thanks to your incredible support, Terraria has achieved a new sales milestone“said the development studio to celebrate the healthy sales of the game. “The force of Terraria it has never been as strong as it is right now “says the statement, reminding you of what is to come: Journey’s End on console, Steam Workshop support, content parity for all platforms and the possibility of cross-play.

We can only hope to return the favor and do the right thing with your passionate by continuing to provide incredible gaming experiences for years to come, either in Terraria or in future games that we will create“, they conclude. The game, after having starred in a controversy with Google, has also debuted on Google Stadia.

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