Tencent, the technology giant with investments in Riot Games, Epic Games, Activision Blizzard or Ubisoft and owner of numerous studios, will have set its sights on the developer Crytek. According to the German publication BILD, the acquisition could cost just over 300 million euros and the operation would be carried out through a European subsidiary. Crytek was founded in 1999 by the Yerli brothers in Coburg although their offices moved to Frankfurt in 2006; it also has studios in Kiev, Ukraine, Istanbul and Turkey.

The company is known for creating the first Far Cry and the saga Crysis, what served as a showcase for their CryEngine technology, a multiplatform graphics engine that stood out for its spectacular graphics on PC, although it has never posed a threat to the hegemony of Unreal Engine or Unity, the preferred ones in the industry for both blockbusters and independent games. However, CryEngine is used in the series Sniper Ghost Warrior, Warface, Evolve and naturally the productions of Crytek itself: The Climb, Hunt: Showdown, Robinson: The Journey, Rice: Son of Rome and the trilogue Crysis which is being remastered – there are also rumors of new projects.

The news has been commented by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad who points out that it is no secret that Crytek has been in discussions with various buyers, but remember that BILD is a tabloid medium comparable to The Sun in the UK.

National security problems?

One of the information that the article reveals, and that could be part of the sensationalism that Ahmad refers to, is the implications that the purchase of the company by a corporation that is suspected of having important connections with the Chinese Government could have. . Crytek is not just a game developer, it also collaborates on military simulation programs used by Western armies and some Crytek employees appear to be concerned about the possible non-commercial use Tencent could make of these products. Neither Crytek nor Tencent have commented on the news at the moment.

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