Bandai Namco continues to give dropper details of Tales of Arise, the expected Accin RPG that aims to take the saga developed by Bandai Namco Studios to unusual heights. On this occasion, the publisher has published a Law-centered thriller, one of the important characters within the group of protagonists that will expand throughout the adventure.

“Law is a martial arts expert who concentrates energy in his body to strike relentlessly “, explain from Bandai Namco Spain. “Despite coming from Dahna, he joined Rena’s secret police to pursue his own goal.” In the video inserted under this paragraph you can see sequences of gameplay where the agile style with which Law fights is shown; Y movie scenes where he shows his grudges with Alphen and Shionne.

Precisely, Shionne was the previous personage of whom more information was offered: “a proud and elegant woman, carries the weight of a curse that causes pain to anyone who touches her”, said from Bandai Namco last June. “After an unexpected encounter with Alphen, joins the rebellion against Rena with a secret motivation. “

alphen be the first character of the group we will meet. “A young man known as ‘Iron Mask’. It is unable to feel pain and has no memory some of his past, “reads the game’s official website.” After a chance encounter with Shionne, he begins to wield the Flaming Sword and embarks on a mission to liberate planet Dahna from the yoke of Rena “.

The game’s synopsis reads like this: “Challenge the fate that holds you back. For 300 years, Rena has reigned over Dahna, looting the planet’s resources and stripping its inhabitants of their dignity and freedom. Our story begins with two people, Alphen and shionne, born in different worlds, who seek to change their destiny and achieve a new future “.

A JRPG with a good combat system

On Vandal we had the opportunity to try an early version of the title: “This first contact with Tales of Arise has left us very satisfied with their combat system, which is always a good sign when talking about JRPG.” Arrive on September, 10th a PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One.

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