After almost two years without being able to see almost nothing of the new “Tales of”, this weekend Bandai Namco has finally moved tab to show us a new trailer of Tales of Arise, the new installment of the saga that still has no release date.

This is a new cinematic trailer of this installment of which let’s not watch a video since the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Bandai Namco herself in the description of the video tells us that “spring is just around the corner and we are working hard to make it unforgettable. Check out the new Tales of Arise video“.

The description already gives us some clue that it is likely that we have more game news this spring, something that is confirmed to us at the end of the clip in which it closes with the Tales of Arise logo, the platforms on which it will go on sale (PC, PS4 and Xbox One) and a sign that indicates that we will have “More news in spring 2021“.

Indefinitely delayed in 2020

Yusuke Tomizawa, producer of the game, revealed a while ago that development of Tales of Arise started in 2018 and that the goal of the game was to reevaluate and evolve the Tales franchise that celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.

The goal of Tales of Arise is to provide a familiar yet innovative gaming experience for fans of the series as we advance technical to deliver a high level of graphic quality to impress veterans and those who have never played a game alike. by Tales Of“Yusuke commented a few months ago.

However the development team was affected (like so many others) for the coronavirus and during the summer of 2020 they announced that the game, scheduled for last year, would be delayed indefinitely “to achieve the desired quality and offer the incredible experience we envision for our players“.

Will we discover the release date of the game during the spring?

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