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With the arrival of PS5 many of our PS4 they have been left at home, gathering dust or abandoned in a drawer. On GAME want to give this beloved game console a second chance and have come up with a promotion that allows us to get up to 200 when carrying it together with its corresponding DualShock 4.

Until July 31 we can take our PS4 to GAME to take advantage of the following ratings:

  • PS4 FAT / SLIM 500GB + Mando DuakShock 4: 160
  • PS4 FAT / SLIM 1TB + Mando DuakShock 4: 180
  • PS4 Pro 1TB + Mando DuakShock 4: 200

You can see all the conditions of this promotion here.

PS5 packs when you bring your PS4 to GAME.

Trade in your PS4 for PS5 accessories, peripherals, games and subscriptions at GAME

If instead of money we want accessories, peripherals, games and subscriptions for PS5, in GAME they also offer different packs for which to change the console; This promotion allows us to deliver PS4 and receive all these products valued in an amount greater than what they would give you for the console. These are some of the highlighted packs:

  • You train PS4 500GB + DuakShock 4 Controller and you get a pack consisting of PS5 Dualsense Controller + PS5 Official Headphones + 12 Months Subscription To PS Plus. RRP of the pack: 179.95.
  • You train PS4 1TB + Mando Dualshock 4 and you get a pack consisting of a PS5 Dualsense Controller (To Choose Between White Or Black) + Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales + Game To Choose (Between Ratchet & Clank One Dimension Apart, Returnal, Demons Souls Or Nioh Collection). RRP of the pack: 209.95.
  • You train PS4 Pro 1TB + Mando Dualshock 4 and you get a pack made up of Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales + 12 months of PS Plus + Dualsense Controller (to choose between Black or White) + PS5 Multimedia Remote Control. RRP of the pack: 219.95.

You can see all the available packs here.

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