For years, when source material for the live-action Super Mario Bros. film became available, fans have been trying to make an extended montage of the 1993 adaptation starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper. This work is not the responsibility of the original producers or directors of the film, Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, but of the Super Mario Bros. Movie Archive fan organization that has already released the film at PAX Australia. Now They have decided to make it public for all fans by posting it on The Internet Archive.

It is not a compilation of deleted scenes but a new montage, Super Mario Bros: The Morton Jankel Cut, with 20 more minutes of scenes that in some cases give a better context to the scenes and in others it is more inconsequential material. New scenes are easy to recognize because a timestamp still appears on them, but fans have worked to polish up the badly deteriorated material on old VHS tapes, thanks to the help of editor and artist Garrett Gilchrist. Below you can see a comparison of the original tape and the restoration work of color, levels and sharpness.

The production was a commercial and critical failure, although over time it has managed to get many fans to view the film with nostalgia. This was not the case with Bob Hoskins, who confessed that the worst job he had ever participated in was Super Mario Bros., “a nightmare”.

There will be a new Mario movie, this time by the creators of Los Minion

Illumination is working on a new adaptation of the Nintendo license, this time in 3D animation. It seems that this time the company is satisfied with the result and has strengthened ties with the studio, so it is not ruled out that in the future we will see more productions of The Legend of Zelda, Metroid O Donkey Kong. Already in 2020 Nintendo commented that they were studying various visual content projects with their licenses, but with a clear condition: all these products have to have a “deep relationship” with video games, without applying changes to the characters that could “limit the future development of games” and respect the individuality of each saga.

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