The editor and developer Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that Super Bomberman R Online will be released in PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on May 27 free as free to play; the release date of the version for Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S will be announced later.

Super Bomberman R Online are premiered in September 2020 as a Google Stadia exclusive game. It was an adaptation of Super Bomberman R launched for the rest of the platforms with the addition of a battle royale for 64 players. The title is released within the Stadia Pro subscription and as a paid game (10) for the rest of the users, but in December they released a version free to play.

The launch of the game on other platforms is accompanied by season premiere on all systems. Every season last three months and allow players to unlock designs, get a Hero Bomber and use new items. In Season 1, the hero will be Old Snake Bomber, inspired by Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and can be unlocked with Bomber Coins.

Old snake Super Bomberman R Online

Habr two battle passes. The Silver Pass be free and allow you to level up the rank up to 100 when playing in Battle 64 mode to win rewards such as taunts, props, and poses. There will be “a lot of free content during each season,” promises the Japanese company. On the other hand being the Gold Pass, que costar 800 Bomber Coins and offers more rewards, plus more Bomber Coins on the pass itself.

Super Bomberman R has sold 2 million copies

Konami has also announced that Super Bomberman R, released on Nintendo Switch at the launch of the console (March 3, 2017) and on the rest of platforms in June 2018, has sold more than two million units. To commemorate it they will include the disfraz Double Platinum Cake for all players of the online version.

Super Bomberman R Online Double Platinum Cake

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