The [email protected] Summer Game Fest Demo, whose first edition took place in 2020, will return the June, 15 2021 with more than 40 demos of games in different stages of development. Until June 21 the players of Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One You will find in your console menu dozens of versions of title tests not completed whose demos will disappear from the store after the event in most cases.

From the official blog Xbox Wire they warn that these are not typical demonstrations like those that are usually published near the launch of the game. “What this means is that you will experience these games early (very early in some cases), which is great, but you should keep in mind that these games will continue to evolve and polish as they get closer to launch. “

The games revealed: Tunic, Sable and more

Xbox share the full list as the 15th approaches June, but they have offered a preview of the titles that will be at the festival. One of them is Tunic, the expected Accin RPG inspired by The Legend of Zelda with aesthetics low poly in which a little fox is controlled. Also be Sable, the open world with aesthetics inspired by the vignettes drawn by Moebius.

On Lake players will enter a interactive drama controlling Meredith Weiss, who takes a break from her big-city career to portfolio for two weeks in her hometown, Providence Oaks. The Riftbreaker it’s a game of survival and construction of bases with locks and action RPG elements with a combat hach & slash.

We conclude with Echo Generation, an adventure with turn-based fighting with the aroma of the series Stranger Things. Set in a small Canadian town and with a aesthetics voxel, the players will manage a group of kids who have to fight the monsters, robots and supernatural elements that have come to their home.

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