Streets of Rage 4 marked the return of one of the most representative sagas of the veteran Sega Mega Drive. Sega, in collaboration with Lizardcube Y Guard Crush Games, managed to keep the game sensations intact by bringing some freshness to the formula with new types of movements, all with an exquisite aesthetic packaging. Due to the success of the fourth numbered installment of Streets of Rage, the DLC Mr. X Nightmare is already on its way to appease players’ cravings for new content. Thanks to a preview, we have been able to see in action Shiva, one of the characters to be added goes DLC.

Shiva is the new playable character revealed for the Mr. X Nightmare DLC

Shiva is the third and final character added for the new expansion content. Previously, the two other characters had already been shown: Estel Aguirre Y Max Thunder. Shiva is a veteran character within the series and has functioned as a recurring boss since Streets of Rage 2. On Streets of Rage 4 returned to reprise his role as the endgame boss as a tribute to the classic installments, and those who acquire the DLC they can play with him and put his skills to the test. Taking into account that each character in Streets of Rage has very marked attributes and different from those of the rest, it is certain that the inclusion of Shiva bring freshness and variety when it comes to beating up against the entire neighborhood.

The new expansion content still lacks a release date, although we have already detailed the content that it will bring with it. Broadly speaking, the extras that add this DLC are the possibility of playing with three new characters, which will join the existing campus, in addition to a survival mode, new moves, weapons, settings and a character customization system. In addition to everything new that this new expansion will bring with it, it will also arrive on a date yet to be determined. update to bring a new mode Without aditional costs.

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