Streets of Rage 4 became one of the biggest surprises we were able to enjoy last year, offering us a beat ’em up classic in the style “me against the neighborhood” that revived the beloved saga of Sega in style thanks to its precious audiovisual section and its careful playability. As many of you will know, this year a paid downloadable content called Mr. X Nightmare that, among other things, add three new playable characters. Until now we only knew that Estel Aguirre it will be one of them, although now Dotemu just announced that Max Thunder be another.

To celebrate this announcement, the company has distributed a new and short trailer in which they show us how this fighter spends when distributing cakes, so we can take a good look at their different movements, strokes and special techniques. Max is an old acquaintance of fans of the series, as he was one of the playable characters in Streets of Rage 2, one of the most acclaimed installments. Also, like Estel, he is one of the bosses that we must face in the main story of Streets of Rage 4.

A worthy sequel

This title has been developed by Lizardcube y Guard Crush Games and in the analysis that we dedicate to him in Vandal we comment that “It is not easy to recover the essence of a classic title, and here it is not only maintained, but also improved with small details to give it more depth and, if possible, further increase its replayability. Beyond those problems with the network code that, as we said, will be solved with a patch, and the occasional filling phase, we can put little problem. The best we can tell you is that, if you are followers of the legendary Mega Drive titles, we can assure you that Streets of Rage 4 he deserves that four. “

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