Dotemu has announced with a press release in Spanish that Streets of Rage 4 receive new content this year in two ways: a free update and a new DLC called Mr. X Nightmare. At the moment the release date of either of these two new packages of novelties has not been confirmed, but it has been confirmed that coming this year to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, a platform where you can already add it to the Steam wish list.

Mr. X Nightmare, the new DLC of Streets of Rage 4, has as its main novelty the addition of a new character, the police officer Estel Aguirre, who leaves her role as boss to become a playable fighter. There will be others two more playable characters and a new special survival mode. The news of this announcement has been summarized in a thriller gameplay that you can see under these lines and coincide with a new milestone marked by this beat’em up: Streets of Rage 4 has already exceeded 2.5 million downloads.

In addition to the new characters and survival mode, which will be given more details in the future, this DLC also includes new moves, new weapons, new scenarios and a character customization system. Original songs have also been composed to give you your own soundtrack with energetic songs by the composer and arranger. Tee Lopes, who has participated in music games such as Sonic Mania, League of Legends and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.

Streets of Rage 4 receive a free content update this year

The free update of Streets of Rage 4 It also does not have a release date, but it will also reach all platforms and, unlike the DLC, you will not have to pay anything for it: all players who already have the game will be able to enjoy a new difficulty mode called New Mania +, a deep training system and new alternative color palettes for fighters.

Captura del DLC Mr. X Nightmare de Streets of Rage 4.

These new features will add more content to a game that is already liked by locals and strangers; in Vandal we were able to play it and in our analysis we told you about Streets of Rage 4 that “it is not easy to recover essence of a classic title, and here it is not only maintained, but is improved with small details to give it more depth and, if possible, further increase its replayability “.

Below you can see one galley with official catches of Mr. X Nightmare, the new DLC of Streets of Rage 4.

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