After giving us a baroque fantasy game with Greedfall, the Spiders Studio development team has opted to locate Steelrising, his next project, in a more concrete historical moment: the French Revolution. Like The Miserables It would have been written by Isaac Asimov, the players will embody an automaton that roam the streets of Paris facing the evil androids of the even more evil Louis XVI, in this bet for action in the third person. The creators have announced that the title will be available next June 2022 in Spain and around the world, both in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series y PC (Steam). We have been able to enjoy a new advance thanks to Nacon Connect 2021.

Steelrising, like The Miserables Asimov would have written it

“The army of automatons of King Louis XVI is terrorizing the citizens of Paris. Join the Revolution as Aegis and fight against this reign of terror to try to change the course of history! “, is the description of the game that we can read on its Steam page. In this way, the Parisian streets will become a battlefield between rebels, Robotic hosts of the king and androids, who will fight for the conquest of France.

Our heroine, Aegis, is actually an android who serves as the queen’s guardian. Mara Antonieta; a sovereign who is trying to appease the revolts and end the tyranny that Louis XVI has sown in the country. To help her achieve her goal, Aegis will not hesitate to take to the streets to join this revolution. Judging by the previews, the character will have a whole series of weapons and abilities to destroy their enemies: we will have at our disposal seven “families” of weapons, ranging from light weapons, alchemy rifles and powerful weapons.

Aegis will be the protagonist automaton of this French Revolution

Betting on a marked esttica steampunk, players will be able to tour the city of Paris enjoying the recreation of monuments such as the Great Chtelet and the Temple Tower. The developers argue that the game will offer a fluid rhythm and far from being abrupt, where we will also find a whole string of side missions and exploration opportunities. “We wanted everything to be connected more seamlessly,” says Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders Studio.

We remind you that Steelrising will be available in June 2022 both in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series y PC (Steam).

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