Since Steam they have announced that their next Games Festival, which they have renamed Next Fest, will begin on Friday, June 16 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) and last until June 22, coinciding in part with the E3 2021, which will also be held virtually from June 15 to 17. During those six days you will be able to access “hundreds of demos” of PC games that will be published later on the Valve platform and also live broadcasts will be carried out testing those titles.

We have renamed the Steam Games Festival To convey their approach more directly: we announced Steam’s Next Fest, a multi-day celebration of what’s to come. Explore and test demos for hundreds of games, watch developer broadcasts, and chat with teams about their games. games in preparation, which are coming to Steam“, you can read on the official page of the event.

There will be no repeat demos of the previous Games Festival

Developers who want to publish their demo in this new festival will have to meet certain requirements, such as not having participated in the previous one or intending to do so in the next one, planned for October 2021. Also have to plan to launch their game on Steam between June 22 this toor, when the Next Fest ends, and on January 1, 2022, neither before nor after.

The previous Steam Games Festival It was held last February and brought with it more than 500 playable tests of titles that will be published on the platform in the coming months or even some that are already available. At first, none of the demos from the previous festival should be repeated in thisSo we can expect new trial versions of new PC video games.

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