Valve officially revealed Steam Deck, the portable console capable of running Steam games; similar to a miniature PC and that we can also connect to a monitor or television, through a station that will be sold separately. The reservations of this platform will be available at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), with the first units arriving in December of this year to customers. The base price is 419 euros, with its top models costing 549 euros and 679 euros. In the words of Gabe Newell, co-founder and CEO of the company, the price is “affordable” for users but “painful” for Valve.

Steam Deck, its price and Newell

Since Kotaku have echoed the statements of Gabe Newell who, “ruling his company like Sauron from New Zealand”, has expressed in an interview with IGN what his top priority was making sure the Steam Deck was “intuitive” and working properly.. Therefore, issues such as price were “secondary” to Valve … which has ended up being “painful” for them as a company, but beneficial for the pocket of the players.

In this regard, Valve’s hardware director, Shreya Liu, echoed Newell’s point, saying that price was key from the start. “We knew that price was very important, so […] from the beginning, we designed the product with that in mind, and we work very, very hard to reach the price we are at“Liu told the outlet. Newell went on to explain that Valve wants this to be the start of something bigger, and that means taking a” very aggressive “stance in the way they break into the laptop market.

“A lot of people have put a too high price on things and have ended up blowing their opportunity”

“No one has ever said, ‘Oh, we have great success where there is clearly a high demand for this, but our margins are too narrow.’ Right? And a lot of people have priced things too high and ended up blowing their opportunity. “Newell explains. “It kind of convinces people that it’s an uninteresting category from the start. We are doing this for the long term. And there are many opportunities“.

It is curious that Newell himself pronounces these words, if we take into account what happened with his Valve Index: although it is a peripheral that takes advantage of the possibilities of virtual reality, the truth is that its price of more than 1000 euros is what makes it a luxury item and not very accessible to users. In this sense, the price of Steam Deck consoles may be out of reach for many users.

The base Steam Deck model costs 419 euros

Yes, the 64 GB model of eMMC storage costs 419 euros, but only the installation of a game like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 35 GB will be eaten. While we can expand the storage capacity with microSD cards, we still run the risk of feeling like we are “short” on space. In this way, players will probably have to look at the 549 Euro (256 GB NVMe SSD) and 679 Euro (512 GB NVMe SSD) models. Their prices are not high if we take into account that we are talking about a PC that we can hold in our hands … but the reality is that these figures may continue to be far from the purchasing power of consumers.

Steam Deck, your Steam games wherever you want

Valve’s new bet has a 7 “touch screen and features a custom AMD Zen 2 + RDNA 2 APU, giving the system 1.6 teraflops of raw power. Although this number is a little lower than the one offered by PS4 (1.84 TFlops), the truth is that its architecture has a better CPU and more RAM (16 GB), which in the end can translate into a much better performance. than that of the famous Sony console. Thanks to Steam Deck we can play the titles of our Steam library wherever we want, and enjoy all the functionalities of the platform (such as saving in the cloud, notifications, chat …). To know its characteristics and models, we invite you to read our article.

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