Steam Deck, Valve’s new console destined to offer new options in the market for hybrid consoles such as Nintendo Switch, has a better memory performance than the company initially confirmed. In addition to presenting great versatility with respect to the programs that we can install and the extra storage that we can add, the console is so powerful that it could have a performance very similar to that of Xbox Series X/S y PS5. An update to the technical specs fixes some bugs and shows that the machine has more amazing features than what was sold to us at the beginning (via GameSpot).

RAM is four-channel and non-dual

Valve noted in the original technical specifications that 16GB LPDDR5 memory they ran in dual channel with a bandwidth of 5500 MT / s. The specification update indicates that this data is wrong, since the memory actually has four channels and not dual, which offers a lot more bandwidth to the APU that feeds the game console. This small fix was expected by a considerable number of users, who realized early on that the expected bandwidth in relation to the APU that powers the Steam Deck did not add up. Although this is a small clarification, from Windows Central claim that memory performance makes the difference on Ryzen-based systems, particularly APU.

The APU, a combination of CPU and GPU, will have much more memory bandwidth to use, which essentially translates to a better performance when playing demanding titles of all kinds. Steam Deck can be pre-ordered through its official page on Steam and is available at 3 models; the storage memory and the extra contents vary depending on the version we choose.

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