Starfield will be preparing for land on PC and consoles a late 2021, according to the new information in this regard. The new title of Bethesda, that bet for a large-scale sci-fi adventure, is presented in the E3 de 2018. Since then, it has not offered any kind of sign of when it will launch, beyond rumors that its launch points to 2021 for months. This time, it is the journalist Jeff Grubb the person in charge of fine-tuning the data and writing down end of the year for his debut.

Starfield, Bethesda’s new IP, could arrive at the end of 2021

The journalist from GamesBeat, Jeff Grubbhe said recently during a broadcast with Dealer Gaming that Bethesda’s plan consists of follow the same marketing and launch cycle for Starfield than the one they used to Fallout 4. According to Grubb, there is a 90% chance that the game will be presented in full in this next E3, and later will be released later this year.

As Grubb argues, this is what Bethesda has planned to date. How could this roadmap change? In case they occur delays and difficulties related to the coronavirus pandemic. For the moment, Starfield enjoy an in-depth presentation at the next E3 and gearing up to debut later this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. At least, according to the journalist.

Starfield would enjoy a presentation at E3 2021, launching later this year.

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, it is not the first time that 2021 has been pointed out as the moment in which Starfield see the light. Others insiders have also wielded this year as the time when Bethesda has planned its launch, but they are still waiting to discern if COVID-19 has a new impact on this outline. “2021 was the target for the launch for a few months”, they pointed.

Starfield, in the middle of a hurricane

The coronavirus pandemic has not been the only issue that Bethesda’s game has faced: let us also remember that Microsoft has closed the purchase of ZeniMax, the company that owns Bethesda, which would have caused the company’s new title release plans to, as is the case of Starfield, they will face a somewhat diffuse moment. From the Redmond company, however, they have clarified this month that they will respect the existing contractual plans. On the other hand, Bethesda has ensured that Starfield represent the most important graphical leap the company has made since Oblivion. The cooking time for this game is much longer, therefore, but hopefully we can enjoy it before the end of this year.

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