As the E3 2021, talk is growing about the announcement of a possible release date of Starfield: we have been listening to different insiders pointing out that Bethesda’s new RPG will debut this year, while others deny that information. Now, two insiders insist that we won’t see this overproduction on the market until early 2022.

Specifically, it has been Blessing Adeoye Jr. during the last episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast podcast who has speculated on that Starfield will be launched in the first quarter of 2022, which would mean sometime between January and March. After revealing this information, the journalist and insider Jeff Grubb has agreed that this will be the launch window of the Bethesda game: “You are correct with the release date of StarfieldGrubb told the first informant.

Possible Xbox exclusive?

Jeff Grubb has spoken on more than one occasion about Starfield, though not only its release date, but also that Could be an Xbox Series X / S and PC exclusive. That is, according to this information, Bethesda’s new space role-playing game will not come to PS5, something that the own Jim Ryan, Head of PlayStation, admitted not knowing.

The truth is that Grubb himself said just a couple of months ago that the release date of Starfield It will be scheduled for 2021, something that is contradicted by his latest statements. Other sources, such as the journalist Jason Schreier, also insist that the coronavirus would have delayed the premiere of Bethesda’s game: It may be true that it was scheduled for 2021, but it will not finally be launched until 2022 for reasons related to the pandemic.

Starfield is one of the games that is being discussed the most in the face of E3 2021, virtual event to be held from June 12 to 15 and in which Bethesda will have a conference of its own although related to the Xbox. The last we saw of this game were alleged leaked images of a build from 2018, year in which he was officially presented with the trailer that you see on these lines.

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