tri-Ace, the Japanese studio that has given us titles such as the saga Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile O Resonance of Fate, is already forging its next project. To do this, they have started with a recruitment campaign which has allowed us to know the first details of this title: apparently, it is about An RPG debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Specifically, they are looking for 3D visual effects artists. The news has been known thanks to the translation provided by Gematsu and Twitter.

Tri-Ace: They’re cooking up a new RPG for PS5

“Why not work with us to create future action RPGs with an exciting, high-quality presentation, for next generation consoles? “is what the announcement of tri-Ace’s job offers raises.” We do not wait for commercial engines support new platforms like PS5, we will develop the engine ourselves. “Although not mentioned, we assume that tri-Ace was also working for the Xbox Series X / S console when speaking in the plural. However, it should be noted that Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (2016), its most recent original title, debuted only on PS4 and PS3.

It is also necessary to point out that tri-Ace hasn’t worked on a new triple-A in a while. In recent years, the development team has chosen rather to launch in remasters or remakes of previous installments of Star Ocean, or in the remastering of Resonance of Fate. At the moment, we don’t know what that new project that tri-Ace is up to is, but whether it’s a sequel or something completely different … we will be attentive to your next news.

The saga Star Ocean: Your latest news

We recently heard about this role-playing and fantasy saga thanks to the arrival of the remastering Star Ocean: First Departure R for PS4 and Switch, platforms where it has been available since 2019. However, Integrity and Faithlessness has been the last original installment of the saga: in this title, Players travel to the kingdom of Reslia, who is going through troubled times after a long period of peace. The adventure stars Fidel and Miki, and starts in the town of Starl. “RPG with real-time battles and many controllable characters is what Square Enix offers us in its new proposal “, we wrote in our analysis of this title.

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