Google has changed the practices of its cloud gaming platform, Stadia, for developers. The Mountain View, California-based tech giant argues that the adjustments made account for a larger share of the sales pie for publishers. In fact, part of the revenue generated by Stadia Pro (its similar service to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold) will be left by the publishers of the games available in the subscription at that time.

The measure has been announced by the head of strategic business development Careen Yapp in the talk dedicated to Stadia of the Google for Games Developer Summit. Starting this month, every game added to the Stadia Pro library will give the publisher (or developers if it’s a self-published game) monthly income. depending on how many days the players play to the ttulo.

“The Pro stage gave him 70% of monthly income [procedentes de las suscripciones] to partners based on the popularity of active reclaimable Stadia Pro titles, “said Yapp. That is, if a game like Little Nightmares 2 enters Stadia Pro in March and disappears in September (although it remains in the subscribers’ library), the publisher will receive the aforementioned income during those months.

That 70% of the total will have to be distribute among the editors of all games available on Stadia Pro every month (this July, for example, there are 26 ttulos). But I will not distribute equally, but based on the number of logins unique to that game every day. “A user who plays a Stadia Pro game twice in one day equals one session per day. A user who plays a Stadia Pro game once on day one and once on day two equals two game sessions.” Yapp explains.

Google Stadia Pro games July 2021

This distribution of income causes games as a service, online titles and longer titles get a biggest part of the cakeeven if the number of unique users is smaller. For example, the mentioned Little Nightmares 2 can be completed in just two three-hour gaming sessions, so your managers will receive less income than those of a game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or those of a long JRPG like Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA. In definitiva, it is paying for airtime in the same way as Spotify pays artists depending on how long their music has been listened to.

Yes, Google has not clarified whether that variable payment will somehow affect the initial payment that makes publishers to offer their games on Stadia Pro. This service, in addition to giving access to the games that are added month after month while the subscription is active, allows play with resolutions up to 4K, enjoy surround sound and other extras by 9.99 per month.

The benefits become 85/15 and a tool has been created to facilitate the ports a Stadia

In addition to this measure, Google has made two other important changes to get the attention of more developers. On the one hand, the distribution of income in the store changes: Stadia gets 15% and developers 85% (The ratio before was, as in most digital stores, 30/70). On the other hand, they have launched a tool called Stadia Porting Toolkit to make ports faster Windows games (DirectX) to Stadia (Vulkan). Throughout 2021, more than 100 games will arrive on Stadia.

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