Last summer we heard the news: the video game saga Splinter Cell makes the leap to the small screen in the form of an anime series for Netflix. One of the people in charge of the project is Derek Kolstad, screenwriter of John Wick, who will take care of sign the booklet for this project. The agent Sam Fisher come back to our lives, and I will do it with a first season to be composed of 8 episodes. Kolstad has confirmed this detail and many more that we will tell you below.

Splinter Cell: The Adventures of Sam Fisher come to Netflix

During an interview with Collider, the writer Derek Kolstad has been commissioned to offer more information and details about this production. Fans have been waiting a long time to enjoy new content related to the stealth action saga. Splinter Cell from Ubisoft, so this barrage of details comes at the best of times. “The first [temporada] has officially received the green light, and it will be eight episodes“Kolstad confirms.” The Bible of that I am already finishing and sending it.

Kolstad’s name is probably familiar to you because, in addition to signing the films of John Wick, has also participated in the libretto of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the Marvel Studios series that has just landed on Disney + as the platform’s most watched premiere. “I have all these Post-It notes everywhere and things to read. I think most of what I write is emails, treatments, presentations, phone calls, [ms] emails and when you finally get a chance to write, it’s like: ‘Oh shit. This is what I’m doing for a living, right? ‘“, bromea Kolstad.

Splinter Cell and its anime series on Netflix

The first season consists of 8 episodes of 20-30 minutes duration

At this time, Splinter Cell has only received the green light for a total of 8 episodes. Despite this, Kolstad has confirmed that the plan is to produce at least 16 episodes. As for the duration of each of them, point to the 20-30 minutes; a somewhat shorter length of the episodes of Invincible, the new animated series from Amazon Studios. Nevertheless, Kolstad favors this format:

I like the idea of ​​episodes that are 20 to 30 minutes long.. I like the idea of ​​being able to follow two different timelines, and present a character in such a way at the beginning that it leaves audiences wanting more, “he says.” It could be 12:40 at night and you say: ‘Ugh, I want to see another one. Oh, 24 minutes nothing more? Great’. I want to reduce everything to simplicity. (…) I like the unspoken narrative. And with animation it’s incredibly powerful when you can do a sequence of events and simply listen to the music. And that’s how all the moments with the characters have been. So Splinter Cell it has been a pleasure in this sense“.

When is Splinter Cell released on Netflix?

2021 seems to be ruled out when talking about the anime premiere of Splinter Cell. “Probably in two wings. It’s probably around 18 months from now. These things, from inception to execution, take about 18 months to two years“Kolstad notes.” My work will be finished in probably six months with the other writers. And yet you are always waiting for the: ‘This is not working. This line sucks. The actor wants to do something cool. ‘ But I also think that, especially in animation, if they can have all the episodes in hand, I also facilitate their work“.

On the other hand, each season Splinter Cell ser “autnoma”. Kolstad has raised the structure as follows: “Each season will be autonomous, outside of the evolution of the main character. I like to have a big, general story, and a backstory, with the A / B of everything”, Explain. In this sense, he compares the approach with westerns: “You ride into the sunset because you are going to do the same in the next city until you die doing it.. These characters we have fun with … you always want to see what their next step is. I remember in the past, when you see a sequel to something, you would say, ‘Ugh, really?’ And then you see it and you think, ‘I think it’s better than the last one. They made a 180 degree turn. ‘ And I think that kind of thing is fun“.

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