Independent studio Thunder Lotus Games has announced that Spiritfarer, his cozy management game about death, has reached 500,000 units sold. Almost as a way to celebrate this milestone, those responsible for this peculiar project have launched a new update on all platforms: it is about Lily, a new addition that is now freely available for all owners of the game on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

“The Lily update is a small and important addition to the main game of Spiritfarer. This free update introduces the new character, Lily, the butterfly spirit, to guide the player through various scenes that add depth and detail to the story of the main character, Stella, “says the official description of the study, a text that accompanies the thriller of this update. You can see it below:

This update also fixes bugs and includes improvements for the local co-op. Thunder Lotus Games already announced that it works in two more updates that will soon arrive at the game, specifically in summer and fall 2021.

Spiritfarer, the game of caring for the deceased

Spiritfarer is one of the indie games that attracted the most attention last year: it is the latest of the creators of Jotun Y Sundered, although it has little to do with these two action games in two dimensions; precisely its visual section is something that remains, but the mechanics and dynamics of this new work lead us to put ourselves in the shoes of Stella, the protagonist of this story who, right off the bat, is seen as the captain who transports the deceased to the afterlife.

Capture of Spiritfarer.

On Vandal we were able to play Spiritfarer at its launch and in our analysis we told you that “it is a comforting experience that treats death naturally without avoiding talking about it as a momentous moment both for the person who dies and for the loved ones around him. Taking advantage of traditional farm management techniques to build a video game with such a message is a genius, especially when each of the actions we perform is treated with such detail “.

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