Skill had some presence during the broadcast of Square Enix Presents that took place yesterday, the event in which Square Enix presented its news for the coming months. But undoubtedly the most surprising announcement of all those related to Skill was that Space Invaders count on a new mobile game that will make use of Augmented Reality technology, as do other applications for our phones such as Pokmon GO.

Fighting space invaders on our streets

Unfortunately, this is practically all the information there is about the game, since neither its name has been confirmed, much less its release date, so it seems that we are still going to have to wait a while to be able to enjoy this peculiar proposal.

As the company has explained, the objective with this title is to take the iconic martian killer in a new direction, although we do not know exactly how to play it, since its presentation trailer does not teach anything concrete about the game as such.

Title is being developed in a collaboration between Taito and Square Enix Montral. Patrick Naud, the head of Square Enix Montral, commented: “We are extremely inspired by our collaboration with Taito to reimagine Space Invaders in a contemporary way as we shape our ambitious vision of what can be on mobile. At Square Enix Montral we are huge fans of the series and the team has faced the challenge of showing how new technology can bring freshness to a game as timeless as Space Invaders“.

One of the great classics in the history of video games

Space Invaders It was originally released for arcade games in 1978 and automatically became one of the great classics in video game history. by proposing to kill hordes of aliens before they manage to reach the bottom of the screen. Since then, it has received many revisions and new deliveries on countless platforms.

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