They say that in Spain we really like bars, but we are not the only ones: the location of Sony Computer Entertainment’s first office in Japan was chosen because it was surrounded by bars. As stated by the former CEO of the division, Ken Kutaragi, during a video where we can see him with Katsuhiro Harada by Bandai Namco. Although the audio is in Japanese, you can find English subtitles in the video itself:

Sony Computer Entertainment: Looking for Japanese Bars

In the interview that we have left you on these lines, we are witnesses of how Ken Kutaragi, also regarded as “the Father of PlayStation”, argues that he wanted an office that I was close to the bars; and that that allowed the team go out for a drink after work. In this sense, it reveals that the first office that Sony Computer Entertainment had in Japan was inaugurated in an area where these establishments remained open after working hours.

Furthermore, Kutaragi maintains that this was a perfect communication channel to connect both with other companies and with other employees, since these bars became the scene of many conversations and moments of relaxation. There were probably also other factors to take into account when looking for the location for the offices but, without a doubt, it seems that the bars were a crucial element when deciding on one place or another.

Bars, the meeting place between companies and employees

“We start in Aoyama-Itchōme”Kutaragi explained to Harada, who is also the director of the Tekken, referring to a location located in Minato, Tokyo (Japan). Thus, when Sony Computer Entertainment first established its headquarters in 1993, the main concern of its executives was to ensure that the company’s offices were located near nightclubs. “The reason we chose that as an office was because we wanted to drink together.”he adds.

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