Sony has held its Corporate Stretegy Meeting where company executives discuss plans for its various divisions, including PlayStation. Although these statements do not leave any great news, Kenichiro Yoshida – Sony’s executive director – mentions how one of the great challenges to make PlayStation “more social”, in addition to promoting mobile games that complement its AAA releases on console. Yoshida sees these social areas in mobiles and services “crucial” to expand the public of PlayStation, which will also reach with the production of films and series – in total 10 projects in progress – or investment in the Discord platform.

Jim Ryan of Sony Interactive Entertainment comments that “from the very first PlayStation we have focused on developing a platform that allows creators to share their vision with millions of people. Our partners third party and the studies first party They have used this idea to create new worlds, iconic characters, and stories that connect the world with shared experiences. In addition, we will continue to strengthen the experience for our community with collaborations with partners and between the Sony Group. As Yoshida has mentioned above, it is especially noteworthy collaborating with Sony Pictures to adapt key film and television licenses“with those 10 projects that are in different stages of development, from the film of Uncharted to the series of The Last of Us or Twisted Metal.

Convergence of social and entertainment

Ryan also highlights the importance of communication and social aspects, as well as the positive reception to the news of his investment in Discord, which will be integrated in 2022. In addition, Sony wants to take its licenses to mobile phones with a new initiative: “The content developed by PlayStation Studios in the past 25 years has created a wealth of licenses and gives PlayStation immersive experiences that evoke emotions, “so Sony has been studying how gamers enjoy the content and some of their successes with mobile phones to give” more choice to Players. Mobile is one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of players beyond our platforms“.

“PlayStation has a huge catalog of assorted first party licenses that can be turned into mobile games to complement our AAA games or games as a service. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation series so stay tuned!“.

Investment in your studies

Again, Sony has mentioned the investment it is making in its studios and partners. Kenichiro Yoshida says the company is “working to bring engaging content to the gaming community. strengthening our relationships with studios third party and developers, as well as investing in content in our studios first party and attracting new talent to those studios. “

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